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About Us The Vapor Spirit

About Us

Vapor Spirit is the natural progression of the way alcohol is consumed. Over the years the alcohol industry has grown to be very complex with many new products, but nothing has truly changed the industry the way Vapor Spirit has. This is the first device that has transformed the way we consume alcohol.

The ability to inhale the alcohol vapors provides the user with completely different experience than they are used to. The inhaling of the vapor allows for the alcohol to go directly into your blood stream with the effects lasting about 15-20 minutes and it takes about 20 minutes to consume one ounce of alcohol if you are constantly sipping.

Vaporizing of the alcohol acts as another stage of distillation and the vapour inhaled has little to no impurities, almost no carbs and significantly reduces your chance of getting a hangover! Along with those great features Vapor Spirit allows you to truly taste the subtleties of the spirit. Whether you are enjoying your favourite scotch or flavored vodka, the Vapor Spirit lets you truly taste all of the flavors and aromas that you are inhaling.The Vapor Spirit enhances the flavour profile of the alcohol you are consuming so you can taste the spirit and not the burn.

The applications of the Vapor Spirit are endless and very exciting. Bartenders and chefs now have access to a tool that will open a whole new avenue of creativity.